Workflow examples

The Workflow is mostly known as the workflow, the way in which employees carry out their tasks, it is characterized by developing in stages or phases that employees must comply with and translate into a checklist.

What is Workflow?

It can be said in another way that the workflow is the work that is developed in various stages, either through processes or tools. These range from complete workflow to the inclusion of a set of people.

It is important to mention that the workflow, despite being characterized by being developed in stages, is not a set of tasks, since this would refer to the execution of a project. These are known to be a series of tasks performed sequentially, in addition to being tasks that are performed regularly.

Workflow examples

We have structured a series of workflow examples so that you can learn more about them and put them into practice in your company and thus evolve proactively.

    1. Hire employees

This action can be considered a good example of workflow, since when hiring new employees in a company, company, among others; You must instruct them on the operation of the company, the tasks that it will develop, the distribution of the offices, among many other aspects. This action should be performed frequently as staff are hired, therefore it is considered workflow.

  1. Email Marketing

It is very well known that today, email is used in practically all aspects of a company, and marketing is one of them.

This is an activity that is frequently carried out in companies and, nevertheless, it requires a series of phases or steps for its execution, which is used mainly to attract potential clients.

The phases of email marketing are based on:

  • Make an agenda to ensure that an ebook is available on the blog.
  • Write a text for the ebook, this work is usually carried out by an advertising copywriter.
  • The company’s designer is in charge of structuring the design of the ebook.
  • The ebook is published through a landing page located within the blog.
  • A series of emails is structured so that all users who download the ebook receive it.
  • This chaining is implemented in a marketing automation system.
  • This sequence is embedded in a digital marketing automation tool.

As we could see, this work requires a series of steps and is frequently required in companies for the flow of sales or promotion , which is why it can be considered workflow.

  1. Marketing Contents

This work does not only consist of structuring texts for blogs, since this requires a good execution of a series of strategic phases, in fact, occasionally a group of writers is required to structure a good text. The steps to carry out this workflow are:

  • One of the editors should be in charge of developing a content agenda.
  • Later, another writer will have to structure the content.
  • Following that, a third editor will have the task of checking if the text is coherent based on the agenda, in addition to correcting the spelling and grammar.
  • Finally, the professional in the field (in this case digital marketing) will be in charge of optimizing the content for search engines (such as Google) and publishing it on the blog.

Like the examples mentioned above, marketing content requires a precise chain sequence and is a task performed very regularly, and requires constant verification, thus becoming a workflow.

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