Word Features


It is known as a word processor . It is computer software belonging to Microsoft.

Because it is a word processor, it is commonly used to carry out written work digitally.

It is possible that at some point you have done some work on it, since it is available on most PCs and electronic devices around the world that have Microsoft Windows installed on it .

Its ease of use and continuous availability make this word processor one of the most common worldwide.

Word features

  1. It is a processor that allows you to write texts, diagrams , articles, among others.
  2. It can now be adapted to most of the existing operating systems.
  3. It is easy to use both for people who are used to its use, and for those who are not.
  4. It can be adapted to the design that the user prefers.
  5. The he, you can modify the size and position of the sheet where you work, being horizontal or vertical.
  6. They can avail themselves of the use of graphics without problems within the elaboration of the document.
  7. It allows to correct spelling and writing errors automatically, if not, it underlines in red or blue (depending on the case) and gives the user options for improvements in the text.
  8. If you wrongly place a repeated word followed by another , the program will let you know that there is an error in the document.
  9. The program provides you with the necessary information when writing. In case you do not want to repeat an information, or a phrase, it provides you with synonyms to be able to correct.
  10. It is easily related to the other processors included in the Microsoft Windows package.
  11. As you write, the program automatically counts the words you are writing about the document.
  12. It allows you to preview how the document you are making will look like.
  13. You can upload the document made digitally on the internet through google drive.
  14. You can send by email Hotmail or Outlook , the information made, directly from the program.
  15. In case you want to add information without wanting to delete the one you had previously written, the program gives the option of notes in “insert comment”.
  16. If what you want is to add a logo or important information, which appears on all the sheets to be used, the watermark is an excellent option.
  17. The program automatically records the indents in the document.
  18. In the same way, it leaves space automatically, marking the limits for the header and footer.
  19. If you want to modify the default measurements, it can be done without inconvenience.
  20. The document made in Word can be saved in various formats.

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