Word Command Examples

Word is one of the most used applications that are part of the Office package , even from students, workers and some people use this type of options to make documents that can be sent without any kind of problems. Some people believe that it is very “tedious” to use this application since using bold, italics, subtitles, among other basic functions that they ask us for different things. We want to make it a very good option to improve your performance and finish your documents immediately, see these  examples of Word commands so that as you write, they complement each other in search of using each of these quickly.


Basic Word Commands

In elementary school they begin to teach us to handle  Word , which means that there are certain commands that we use at least on occasion, for example copy and paste. Something I need to explain to you is that the commands are the combination of two or more keys, causing a “shortcut” in different applications, including Word. Some are general like copy and paste that work in social networks , web browsers, in addition to other applications or programs similar to Office .

Copy = ctrl + C
Cut: ctrl + X
Paste: ctrl + V
Undo: ctrl + Z
Recover: Ctrl + Y

Word command examples

F4 =  repeat last action
New window =  CTRL + U
New page = Ctrl + Enter
Shift + enter = Line
break Ctrl + Shift + 1 = Title
Ctrl + Shift + 2 = Subtitle
Ctrl + Shift + 3 = Subtitle 3
Ctrl + END = go to the end of the document
Ctrl + Home = Go to the main page of the text
You have to carry this order so that each of these  Word commands work in the correct way, if you are not making the change correctly, it is likely that you activate other shortcuts on your keyboard.

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