What does the abbreviation lol mean

What is the meaning of the acronym LOL?

LOL : Laughing Out Loud. LOL .

What is Lmao and Lmfao?

LMFAO . It is the vulgar version of LMAO , it translates to Laughing My Fucking Ass Off or Laughing My Fat Ass Off. Fuck ( which we know does n’t need translation) gives it more strength and intensity.

What is Xoxo and LOL?

Lol , Yolo, WTF, they are some more popular. XOXO : hugs and kisses. Likewise, what does LOL mean in chat? LOL : Laughing Out Loud.

What does the word Lmao mean in Spanish?

“Laughing Out Loud” (“Laughing out loud”).LMAO : (“Laughing My Ass Off”), it would be another equivalent.

When to use Lmao?

LMAO : comes from the English expression Laughing My Ass Off, which can be translated into our language as: «laughing until my ass breaks». In terms of use, it is often used as a substitute for the popular acronym LOL.

How do you pronounce Lmao?

Pronunciation (AFI): [ɛlˌɛmˌeɪˈoʊ] [ləˈmaʊ]

What does MAOI mean in chat?

This phrase can be translated literally as “laughing until that I drop back.” LMAO derives from another phrase in English that suggests the same idea, but instead of laughing it talks about working. Thus, LMAO is inspired by the phrase working my ass off.

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