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What does cachivache mean

What is gadget meaning of dictionary?

Vessel, utensil, chess piece. U. m. in pl.

Where is the word Cachivache used?

As for its etymology, it is a compound of chunk = piece, and pothole = anything, which denotes disparagingly that which is no longer useful for anything. It is often used instead of a junk or junk, both in the first sense of those words , and in their figuratively insulting sense.

What is a Cachibachi?

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes three meanings of the term gadget. Pejoratively, it can refer to an object that is useless or broken, or an instrument or utensil that is not very useful or has a strange appearance.

What does the word Chocoro mean?

chócoro: chócoro is any object when its name is ignored. pass me that chócoro. In popular jargon, it is said of any useful or unusable device, object, instrument or device: “Please pass me that chócoro that I am going to make a call.”

Why is the word Cachivache obsolete?

Cachivache refers to a junk or something broken and abandoned, it is perhaps a bit sad, but only its meaning, its sound is unrivaled. Their reasons are: Because of its sound and so that it does not fall into disuse . Their reasons are: Because it ‘s fun, and it abuses that “ch” sound that characterizes us so much.

What does cachivache mean in Colombia?

Definition of gadget . m. Fam. Useless thing or of little value, gossip, junk.

What does the word Chuspa mean in Colombia?

Mainly in Valle del Cauca and Cauca they call plastic bags chuspas .

What does the word Caspita mean?

caspita .) interj. Expression used to indicate surprise or admiration.

What is falling flat on your face?

The expression “de buces” or “de buces ”, in this framework, refers to being with the face or the mouth downwards.

What is the meaning of tiliches?

Trinket, gadget or thing of no value or of little use.

What is the meaning of Cuatrapeado?

Cuatrapeado refers to the neologism of the verb cuatrapear used in certain places to express the nonsense of a situation, idea or saying. In this way, we say that something is broken when it does not follow a logical order, is confusing or is poorly prepared.

What does it mean to lie flat on the sun?

It means something like jumping forward abruptly.

What does the word Juggernaut mean?

Juggernaut (pronounced / yáguernot /; anglified word derived from the Sanskrit name Jagannātha, in Devanagari: जगन्नाथ) metaphorically designates in English —and from there it has passed to many languages, including Spanish—, a force whose advance nothing can stop and that smash or destroy all obstacles in your

What does the adverbial phrase a lo brute mean?

Adverbial phraseIn an inordinate way. Violently, without regard or care.

What does the word bruces Wikipedia mean?

give face or face (someone): meet head-on or unexpectedly; bump into (with).

Who is the author of the puppet?

The story of “La Marioneta “, a poem by Johnny Welch attributed to García Márquez. “If for a moment God would forget that I’m a puppet of cloth and give me a scrap of life, possibly I would not say everything that I think, but definitely think everything that I say.

Who is the author of the rag puppet?

The Mexican Johnny Welch wrote a poem attributed to Gabriel García Márquez. – Photo: BBC. There are poems that seem to have a life of their own. And for some reason “The Puppet “, by Mexican Johnny Welch, is one of them.

What does the adverbial phrase a boat soon mean?

The adverbial or adjective phrase a boat soon means , in some sports such as football or tennis, ‘hitting the ball just after it has bounced’: “A great goal from Ivars, who hooked a ball to boat soon ” (Marca @ [ Esp.] 30.3.02).

What does plaster mean in Spanish?

1. f. Calcined fine plaster, used in construction to make plates and ornamental elements and, in medicine, to harden bandages.

How old is Johnny Welch?

Johnny Welch was born in the Federal District; He studied Law and, later, the Master’s Degree in Criminology. But it has been his activity as a humorist and ventriloquist that has made him famous in Mexico and internationally.

Who was Johnny Welch?

“ When Gabriel García Márquez retired from public life due to lymphatic cancer, he sent a farewell letter to his friends. It is truly moving; it is written by him; one of the brightest Latin Americans of recent times.

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