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We increasingly use computers, smart mobile phones and other types of technologies to do more and more daily tasks such as shopping, withdrawing money or shopping. The search for work , something that who else who has had the least to do at some time in their life, has not been spared from this modernization either.

The task of looking for work that was previously carried out by going to workplaces and leaving our curriculum vitae, can now be done through a web or a mobile application.

The ones below are some websites where you can look for a job :

Infojobs Freelance
Action Work
Need Insertia

Whatever its name, all websites tend to have at least two things in common. In the first place, all of them require the user to create a profile where they put different data that may be of interest to job applicants such as work experience, academic training, age, languages, etc. Second, there are usually lists of different jobs that the one looking for should see and consider if he wants to enroll.

Among the different websites to find work, those that focus on offering work can be differentiatedself-employed (Freelancer, Infojobs Freelances, Muobo) and employed (Infojobs, Monster, Acción Trabajo).

Those that offer all kinds of jobs (Infojobs, Indeed, Linkedin) and more specific ones (eg Haces Lacks for jobs related to organizations or foundations that try to help those most in need) can also be differentiated.

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