Warranty examples


The guarantee is a term used to refer to a series of actions that imply a commitment on the part of the person or company when offering a product or service. This helps to strengthen the trust regarding everything previously established, so that there is a certainty that what is said or offered meets expectations and if not, the guarantor has a support plan to respond to any unforeseen.

The guarantee is a concept widely used in the field of buying and selling products and services, however, it can also be used in everyday life as long as a person commits to doing something, by doing this it provides all the means so that can comply with what was offered or what was said.

When it comes to something more formal such as the provision of a service, there are usually written documents which specify the actions to be taken in the event of a problem such as the failure of a certain product, the payment of a debt and similar situations, these types of documents They allow the person who receives the product or service to be able to act in a judicial way in case of breach of the guarantee.

The guarantee usually has a symbolic interpretation when it is supported by antecedents , for example a musician who has interpreted a musical theme before can guarantee that in a future presentation he can do it with the same quality, although this may be influenced by other factors outside the same person .

Warranty examples

  1. Property guarantee
  2. Determined time offered by the seller for the use of a product to ensure its functionality.
  3. When money is borrowed and a garment or jewel is left in its place, which is promised to return at the time of canceling or paying the debt acquired.
  4. When applying for a home mortgage. In order to ensure compliance with the debt, the mortgagee is given the documents of the house that will be returned at the time the video is paid.
  5. Purchase guarantee
  6. Time in which a person agrees to repay a loan
  7. Exchange or refund of money in case of failure in a product
  8. Minimum of quality in a series of photos offered by a photographer
  9. Security offered by a public establishment for its clients
  10. When a specific object is purchased and a document is delivered to the buyer that establishes that if in a certain period of time the object is damaged or stops working, they undertake to make the full delivery of the money.

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