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Visual arts examples

The visual arts are as its name implies, they are a form of artistic expression , mainly oriented to those works that can be visually appreciated.

They can be analyzed only through the eyes and in this way it is possible to understand and capture the message or story that the artist is trying to send.

The visual arts that are best known today are painting, photography and cinema, although there are many more that are included within this type, such as works that are developed in three dimensions, such as sculpture .

Visual art is composed of certain elements in order to transmit emotions and ideas in people, the relationship of figure and background, the contour or setting, the distribution of elements within the work and finally pregnancy are important factors.

Visual arts examples

  1. The photograph.
  2. The video art.
  3. The origami.
  4. The jewelry.
  5. the painting.
  6. Engraving.
  7. The drawing.
  8. graffiti.
  9. Calligraphy.

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