Vector Features

The Vector

Vectors are understood as lines or agents that move something from one place to another.

It is a term used in physics and is represented by a straight line from one specific point to another and in a specific direction .

There is a diversity of vectors: parallel, fixed, opposite, sliding, free or collinear, among many others.

You can perform a variety of operations or obtain different data with the vectors, such as an ordered derivative .

Most vectors are represented by letters that indicate their origin, destination, and direction.

This term is used in geometry and is always represented by an arrow in a straight line.

Vector characteristics

  1. There are various applications of vectors in nature, such as force, weight, and the electromagnetic field.
  2. Any vector must start from a point to reach the objective that is programmed.
  3. There are vectors that allow the modification of the point of origin and that do not change the result and other vectors that do not allow it, because doing so changes the result.
  4. Direction is expressed by means of an arrow pointing to a certain direction .
  5. There are physical quantities and vector quantities .
  6. The physical magnitude is represented in mathematical texts printed in bold type .
  7. Every vector graphic has a clear number scale .
  8. The vector modulus is called the amplitude and the length of the segment that details the vector.
  9. The direction refers to the direction of the vector .
  10. The vectors bound or fixed , to recognize this type of vector is important to know its address, its modulus, its point of application and meaning.

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