Vacation Request Examples

The call request for vacation is a formal letter used to request vacation to the company or any other entity for which they work.

Here is an example:

In Berrobi on March 8, 2017
From Esteban Lopera Muñoz
To Eva Longoria Ibañez

Dear Madam:

Hereby, and for the record, I would like to request the 15 days of vacation corresponding to this year 2017.

If for your part there is no problem, I express my purpose, to enjoy my vacations from June 5 to June 18, both inclusive.

Hoping that there is no problem from the management of the company, I await your approval.

Without any other particular, receive a particular greeting.

Signed: ……………………….

I received:

Here are other examples:

In Barcelona, ​​June 12, 2017

From Silvia Galarza Mendizabal
For the attention of

Mr. Jordi Casado Gamut (Director) Dear Sir:

Through this letter, I would like to request the vacation days corresponding to the dates of July 17 to 31, 2017, with which my return to work would occur on August 1st. I communicate this in advance so that you can make the relevant changes in the template quadrant.

For no other reason, he kindly says goodbye:

Silvia Galarza

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