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Urban tribes

What urban tribes are all about

Urban tribes is a concept that refers to a small organization of people, mostly young people or adolescents who share interests of common origin and who act against the impositions of society. These social groups are called anarchic groups, which undertake a struggle that goes against social patterns and social rules such as ideology, lifestyle, clothing, music, among others.

The behaviors, rules and codes that govern these urban tribes are their own and their characteristics, that is, they manage to define the group and standardize it, making it visible and sometimes rejected with respect to what is considered a moral or ethically acceptable norm .

This idea of ​​urban tribes was preconceived in the 20th centuries as a result of the theorization of subcultures and countercultures. This type of tribes seeks, in general terms, to stand out from the rest of society by facing the way and way of thinking of the rest, challenging the codes of conduct in protest.

It is important to point out that this type of tribes, in some cases, preconceives an ideal of action and identity that in many cases stereotyped by the various media or social networks, prevailing the sense of belonging, in many cases, over one’s own identity.


  • They group people who maintain the same focus or way of thinking.
  • The clothing is usually the same for the members.
  • The habits are generally common or shared.
  • They have the same musical tastes.
  • Their shared tastes and beliefs allow them to satisfy emotional needs.
  • They have the same communication code.
  • The customs are usually the same.
  • Tribes are often intolerant of others.
  • They do not care about the opinion of the rest of society.
  • Create your own organized shape.
  • They believe that they are alien to society for not acting like the rest of the others.

Examples of urban tribes

Among the various urban tribes that exist we can mention the following:

  1. Rappers : they are a group that is responsible for listening to and improvising music based on what has happened to them. They generally wear loose clothing
  2. Hippies: group that emerged after the war in Vietnam. They are idealists, lovers of nature, peace and love.
  3. Emos: they are people who have a pessimistic and defeatist outlook on life.
  4. Goths: They love goth music. They do not associate with many people and are attracted to the topics of death, mystery and darkness.
  5. Heavies: they are a group of rockers with hippie ideas.
  6. Punks: They have an anarchist, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist ideology. Sometimes they are quite violent and like to listen to punk music.
  7. Skaters: are the groups that carry out various activities with a skateboard. They are only in charge of practicing this sport.
  8. Hipsters: they are lovers of vintage style. They enjoy alternative music.
  9. Ratafarians: they are followers of rasta, reggae and hip hop. His motto is the natural and simple.
  10. Otakus : lovers of Japanese culture, especially anime.
  11. Swaggers : They are exhibitionists and addicted to consumption. They love to wear only branded clothing to get attention.
  12. Rockers : they wear clothing very similar to rock artists or singers.
  13. Rolinga: They are influenced by Mick Jagger and the music of the Rolling Stones.
  14. Muppies: they are lovers of the networks and are characterized by having a healthy life.
  15. Floggers: they want to be recognized, have fame and followers on the networks.

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