Update SQL examples

Update SQL

The update statement is used to modify values ​​in a table . Structured query language or SQL is a language of a declarative nature for accessing relational databases that allows specifying different types of operations on them. One of its characteristics is the handling of algebra and related calculus.

Both allow queries to be made in a practical way to retrieve information of interest from databases , as well as make changes to it.

SQL exploits the flexibility and power of relational systems and thus allows a wide variety of operations. It is composed of clauses, commands, aggregate functions and operators, these elements are merged in the instructions in order to update, create and manipulate the databases

They contain three types of command: DLLs (data definition language) this allows you to create and define new databases, indexes and fields. The DML (data manipulation language) allows you to forge queries to sort, filter and extract your own data from the database. The DCL (data control language) this defines the permissions on the data.

Update SQL examples

  1. SET surname 2: RODRIGUEZ


AND surname 1: GARCIA

AND surname 2: BENITO

  1. SET surname 2: HERNANDEZ


AND surname 1: MORALES

AND surname 2: ENRIQUE

  1. select * from users;

update users set password = ‘Mouth’

where name = ‘Federicolopez’;

  1. select * from users;

update users set name = ‘Marceloduarte’, password = ‘Marce’

where name = ‘Marcelo’

  1. select * from users;

update users set key = ‘clown’

where name = ‘JuanaJuarez’;

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