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Types of Sempai


What is senpai?

Senpai is a term of Japanese origin whose meaning refers to a guide or partner from before, that is, it generally refers to the partner who has more seniority with respect to the new partner, possessing this greater knowledge and learning from their experience. In this sense, this term is used mostly to refer to older people, older adults or people with more experience.

This expression of Senpai is commonly used in schools, companies, organizations, jobs or sports clubs. This person is in charge of orienting, assisting and guiding the new members or members of the association or organization. In this sense, the new member is called kohai and he must show respect and obedience to the sempai as a sign of gratitude for the knowledge that he will acquire.

Types of sempai

In martial arts

In this art so respected by Asians, there are a series of rules and privileges that the sempai have, among them we can mention:

  1. Others deserve him respect, as in many cases, he is considered the sensei’s right hand.
  2. It is responsible for verifying that everything is in the state and space to which it corresponds, that is, everything in its place.
  3. In the absence of the sensei within the class, the sempai is in charge of starting the class, the class and its closure.

In the company

Within the workplace, the presence of the sempai and the respectful relationship that must be presented between him and the kohai is very important, complying with certain rules and labels that are considered mandatory, of which we can mention the following:

  1. In a work meeting, the sempai is always seated next to the person who has been invited and is considered important within the meeting, while the kohai should sit in the seat closest to the door.
  2. The companions who have rank lower than the sempai, should not omit opinion within the meeting unless they know about the subject.

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