Types of organized crime

What are the types of organized crime?

As a general rule, organized criminal networks are involved in many different types of criminal activities spread across various countries. These activities may include human trafficking, drug trafficking, illicit goods and weapons, armed robbery, counterfeiting, and money laundering.

What is organized crime examples?

It is common for these criminal organizations to be governed by a hierarchical order. The mafia (such as the Neapolitan Camorra or Sicilia’s Cosa Nostra), the gangs (Mara Salvatrucha) and the cartels (Tijuana Cartel, Medellín Cartel) are examples of organized crime .

What are the activities of organized crime?

The first five are as follows:
  • Drug trafficking: (US $ 320,000 million)
  • Counterfeiting ($ 250 billion)
  • Human Traffic (US $ 31.6 billion)
  • Illegal oil trafficking (US $ 10.8 billion)
  • Wildlife trafficking (US $ 10 billion)

When is organized crime?

It is a phenomenon that contemplates a set of criminal activities committed by a criminal organization created specifically for that purpose. The organized crime controls a certain territory or a link in the value chain of an illegal market.

What is the difference between organized crime and organized crime?

The central difference between organized crime and criminal group is that in the former there are people with the necessary links to avoid being prosecuted for the crimes they commit or to avoid their penalty or punishment, and the criminal group does not have these links.

What is national organized crime?

Hidden cost to societyThe organized crime transnational encompasses virtually all serious criminal acts perpetrated international for-profit and related to more than one country.

How was organized crime born?

Studies of Organized Crime are located at the beginning of the 20th century carried out by American criminologists, especially by John Landesco himself who published in 1929 a study called “Organized Crime in Chicago” 2 this would be the first formal study of such a problem; we have to mention that at the end of

What are the causes of organized crime?

In general: lack of employment, housing, insufficient wages, job instability, poor education, crisis in political parties and forms of government, corruption and increasingly notorious impunity, abuse of power, lack of opportunities, among many more, that pressure the citizens and predestine

How is organized crime punished?

The crime of organized crime , as well as those indicated in articles 2, 2. Bis and 2nd. Ter of this Law, they will merit informal preventive detention. b) Whoever does not have the above functions, from ten to twenty years in prison and a fine from two hundred and fifty to twelve thousand five hundred days.

How did organized crime emerge in Mexico?

In Mexico there are the organizations criminal larger, sophisticated and violent in the hemisphere. These organizations have grown out of their long history of smuggling and their proximity to the United States, the world’s largest economy, to become a regional threat.

How did organized crime arise in Mexico?

Many causes have generated crime , the most important being drug trafficking, arms trafficking, assaults, unemployment, economic polarization and the weakness of public security and justice institutions, highlighting the collusion between organized crime and the authorities. on different scales

How do you fight organized crime?

Considering organized crime as a matter of national security, the agency in charge of coordinating its fight is SEGOB, through CISEN; therefore, the first sector plan to be reviewed is the National Security Program (PSN), that is, the CISEN sector plan.

What are the causes of drug trafficking in Mexico?

In this regard, he points out that the main causes were: the decline in cocaine use in the US, the head-on confrontation by the government, and the worsening of the confrontations between the criminal organizations themselves.

What was the first cartel in Mexico?

Guadalajara Cartel
Allies Cartel de Medellin (Disjointed) cartel de Juarez Cartel of the Gulf Ramon Matta Ballesteros (Convicted in the United States) cartel of Northern Valley (Disjointed)
Enemies Government of Mexico DEA * Criminal groups Gulf Cartel

How does organized crime affect our country?

Violence caused by organized crime has become one of the main problems in Mexico in recent years; In addition to the human losses it causes, it affects economic activities, which reduces the quality of life of the population.

What are the main causes of drug trafficking?

The drug is developed by causes legal, economic, for the socio-economic precarious or deficient public policies, nonexistent or precarious. This bond and feeling of belonging to society is, scandalously, the resource that drug traffickers use to give life to their activity.

What are the causes that originate drug trafficking?

Corruption, assassinations, extortion, institutional weakness, insecurity and public health problems are some of the consequences that our country encounters after being permeated by drug trafficking .

What is the origin of drug trafficking in Mexico?

The origin of drug trafficking in Mexico dates back to the 1930s, particularly in states such as Baja California, Sinaloa and Jalisco.

What are the main causes of insecurity?

Causes that generate insecurity in Mexico
  • The failures in the educational system;
  • Bad security policy ;
  • The bad police elements;
  • Economic inequality;
  • Organized crime;
  • Illegal arms and drug trafficking;
  • Family disintegration; and.
  • For corruption.

What are the consequences of drug trafficking?

“ Drug trafficking is a global illegal industry that consists of the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. However, it is not only drug trafficking that is the great problem , but corruption is added to it, at all levels of the management of public affairs.

What is the impact of drug trafficking on society?

Intuition tells us that drug trafficking has a negative impact on a country’s economy. But confirming and quantifying it is more complicated than it may seem. The trafficking of illicit substances brings violence, fear, extortion and, yes, deaths. But it also brings large sums of money.

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