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Triple Alliance

What is the triple alliance about?

The triple alliance refers to the name that was given to the coalition formed at first by the Germans and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and later joined by Italy . It is important to note that this triple alliance has nothing to do with the central powers of the European empires and their political power, which at that time would be the Germans, Austro-Hungarians and Ottomans.

In this sense, the Austro-Hungarian Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck , had as main goal to keep France completely isolated ; while Italy aimed to become a great power through association with the Alliance and more specifically with Germany.

France faced the colonist attitudes of Italy for wanting to take the Horn of Africa and Tunes and that is why disputes were generated and later this conflict was joined by Germany. Later one more problem would be added and it was the common interests on the possession of Trentino that Austria, Hungary and Italy pointed out.

Development of the triple alliance

Through this triple alliance, the countries involved had agreed to support each other in the event of being attacked by both Russia and France. This treaty was ratified on several occasions until the year 1913 . It should be noted that, in this sense, the position occupied by Italy was less and less comfortable as a result of the initiation of the First World War.

Finally, Italy decided to join the side of the allies and fight alongside them in 1915, thus ending the coalition formed and becoming the triple Entente group. Through the treaty of London, they were promised various territories that were not finally granted at the paris conference and this brought with it a national discontent and was what led to the entry into the second world war on the side of the Axis.


This war ended with the triple alliance, dissolving it definitively. After the end of the First World War, the central powers were subjected to quite strong sanctions, intervening in Italy because of the past alliance it had with the other two.

Examples of triple alliances in the world

  1. Triple Aztec Alliance, occurred in the 15th century between Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan.
  2. Triple Alliance of 1668, between England, the Netherlands and Sweden.
  3. Triple Alliance of 1717, between Great Britain, the Netherlands and France.
  4. Triple Alliance of 1861 between England, France and Spain.
  5. Triple Alliance of 1873 between El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. When Honduras joined, it was called the Quadruple Alliance.
  6. Triple Alliance of 1882 between Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy.
  7. Triple Alliance of 1923: first pact between Catalan, Basque and Galician nationalisms, also known as  Galeusca .

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