Trinity b2 exam samples

The Trinity b2 exam is defined as the degree that you need to obtain to certify that you are fluent in English and for this reason you can find a good job abroad.

15 Trinity b2 exam examples

  1. It is important to read a text of 600 words and know how to interpret the 20 comprehension questions that they will ask you.
  2. Correctly read the 5 short texts of 700 words in total.
  3. Knowing how to correctly write a report, a letter and a 250-word review.
  4. Use the appropriate language in any situation.
  5. Present a topic of approximately 500 words in front of a jury.
  6. Correctly answer the answers that arise from the presentation.
  7. With Trinity you can easily take your accreditation exam to participate for a good job.
  8. You must do an essay correctly using only the information from the texts of the second part, this essay must be 80 to 120 words.
  9. It is important to use a unique vocabulary and not the one in the texts.
  10. When presenting the interview with the examiner, the ideal is to maintain an appropriate vocabulary and show complete confidence in what is being said.
  11. With this exam, you have the facility of being able to listen to any type of recording and interpret what they tell you.
  12. After listening to the recording, the examiner will ask you a series of questions on the subject.
  13. You must correctly answer the part of the sentences that they have to complete.
  14. The Trinity b2 exam is the main requirement to go to live abroad with a good command of the language.
  15. With Trinity b2 you will find the best solution to choose the job you dream of.

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