Topics to do an oral presentation

The time to expose a topic will always come and that is why today we want to share very interesting topics with you in case you are in middle school or high school, because these topics will always impact the audience.

10 Topics to do an oral presentation

  • Drug addiction

It is an extremely interesting subject, since addictions are generated exactly in those under 18 years of age, where they begin to experiment with drugs, something that to a certain extent is normal, since the adolescent will always want to try new things, it does not mean that when having this experience become addicted.

The topic has a lot to develop on, since it could talk about drug abuse and its consumption, common signs in a person with addiction, consequences and conclusions.

  • Bullying

This could cause controversy, since it would be touching the subject of bullying or better known as bullying, since many adolescents and children have to face it every day.

This topic focuses on bullying towards the weakest, the subject can be dealt with in a positive way to change people’s attitudes and create an environment of companionship and support, because bullying is in no way acceptable, since no one deserves A deal like this at no stage in life.

  • Communication and technology

It is known as Communication 2.0 or 3.0, where the issue of the way in which we are currently communicating is discussed, the technological advances that have been developed in recent years, taking into account social networks and mobile devices as the main topic .

This can be treated with awareness, since no one knows the effects that this could cause if they are used in excess, since more and more people spend most of their day sitting looking at their mobile device or their computer , generating a sedentary habit.

  • Causes of death in adolescents

One of the most delicate, but most important topics that you could expose in class, since there are various causes that could cause the death of a teenager, such as an accident, suicide, addictions, depression, among other things.

You could develop the topic with real figures, statistics and how teenagers could be prevented from losing their precious life.

  • Social media

Social networks have come to revolutionize the whole world as we knew it, without a doubt there is a before and after, this could be one of the topics that most attract the attention of your audience, since all adolescents have at least one network they use frequently.

There are many statistics in this regard, because we know the average number of people who use social networks the most, the time they are in it, the addictions that it could generate, the entire communication revolution and its consequences.

  • Teen pregnancy

Very recurring theme, since it is at this stage that many begin their sexual life, that is why adolescent pregnancy is common, having a negative impact on their life in most cases, since their inexperience causes them to start in the working life at an early age, putting aside his studies for an indeterminate time.

You can address the issue of abortion, the worldwide statistics of teenage pregnancies. Also the consequences that this can have, as it could cause disorders associated with addictions.

  • Entrepreneurship

The theme is motivational for all young people to dare to undertake the idea they have in mind, as this could catapult them to success in a not too distant time.

Of course, this topic has all kinds of subtopics to develop, but mainly, you could focus on the benefits of entrepreneurship, knowledge and everything that makes the adolescent prepare more for their entrepreneurship to be successful.

  • Environment

In a global way, the world has deteriorated as the years go by and this is because consumption has been increasing, taking little time for renewable and non-renewable natural resources to deplete faster than normal.

Here you can include global warming, the famous acid rain and its effects and consequences, deforestation, overpopulation, poaching of endangered species, among many other topics.

  • Venereal diseases

This topic will require a lot of research, because in adolescents it will be of great interest, since sexually transmitted diseases are much more common than is believed, specifically in people of that age.

The risks involved, the importance of having enough information and how to avoid having a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Eating disorders

Eating disorders in adolescents and young people are quite common, the importance is great, because that way they could prevent young people from falling into this.

The causes and consequences are very interesting topics to develop, as there are disorders that could even end the life of the adolescent.

Because of that, it is always recommended that they be given behavioral therapy, this will help to identify the problem and thus begin to help the adolescent to change their diet for a much healthier and more balanced diet.

These topics could help you get your audience interested the entire time you are doing your oral explanation. Always taking into account that there are topics that you master much more than others, it will only be to decide wisely to develop it to the fullest.

Hoping that these topics will be of great help and give a concrete idea to present as a professional in front of classmates.

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