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Token Economy Examples

Token economy is defined as the psychological technique of behavioral modification which is based on the principles of operant conditioning, this type of psychology is applied especially in children as it helps them to promote and reinforce certain behaviors that are socially desired which are selected in an operational way when starting a program. The technique is used so that children or individuals do not perform various behaviors spontaneously or at least that they have not been so frequent.

With this technique, problem behaviors can be reduced, the cards are used to reinforce the positive in the behavior of individuals, these cards are used to reward the behavior that you want to establish.

10 Examples of Token Economy

  1. They can be divided into two groups, to better evaluate them.
  2. Evaluate behaviors with sad and happy faces.
  3. Put the work week on a board with the names of the participants to give them the cards for their attitudes.
  4. Place stars to further reinforce their behavior.
  5. Keep a score until the weekend and thus congratulate them in public.
  6. Place an instruction manual with appropriate and inappropriate behaviors within an organization, institution.
  7. Give them an award at the end of the month for their efforts.
  8. Using chips for aggressive children is excellent to help improve.
  9. Token economy to work in the classroom, the most used are stars and faces.
  10. Always post the rules in view of everyone so that they can apply them.

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