Technology Features

The technology

It is the action through which technological results are established and originate a great impact on a global level.

Technological devices are designed to expand human capabilities .

The technology is aimed at expanding human knowledge .

The scientific community defend technical knowledge, classifying it as the main source for the development of technical effects in the world.

Technology modifies the virtual or material environment through the design and construction of goods and services.

Technology features

  1. Technology can be influenced by culture and society .
  2. The technological practice is becoming increasingly a multidisciplinary activity .
  3. The more you increase the level of technology, the greater the specialization.
  4. technology brings with it a parallel social revolution as it is increasingly important to adapt to new changes.
  5. Technology is used to improve productivity .
  6. It is based on expanding human capacity and the meaning of the human being in the world.
  7. Technology in its beginnings was designed to establish the basic needs of being
  8. Its origins are based on physics and theories .
  9. The angle meter, the weight and the squares helped the human being to make more modern creations and buildings.
  10. Technology uses a lot of chemistry and physics taking biology into account to avoid damage.
  11. It helps industries develop products through processed and chemical elements.
  12. Technology has helped the evolution of human communication , an example of this is the creation of satellite, among others.
  13. She is responsible for global communication , regardless of location.
  14. In the area of agriculture, technology has created machinery for the efficient production of food .
  15. The technology works through various methods , one of these is oil, this helps to manufacture energy through nuclear modules, developing clean energy, caused by water and the sun .

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