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What is Taciturn?

Taciturn is an expression that refers to an outgoing, quiet, introverted or silent person. When it is said that a person is taciturn, it is because he is sad, melancholic, discontent; these types of people do not participate in public conversations, they prefer silence and solitude. These types of people are those who prefer solitude to company.

When you refer to a person as taciturn, you are generally referring to their personality , that is, they prefer to get away from society and everyone rather than being exposed in front of many. These types of people prefer not to speak and keep what they feel and what they think a secret.


  • They are isolated people
  • They like solitude
  • They avoid social contact
  • They are always depressed
  • They are never happy or enthusiastic about anything
  • They have no sense of humor
  • They are closed
  • They don’t socialize
  • Do not share with others
  • They do not express what they think

Examples of taciturn

  1. William I of Orange (1533-1584). This prince who fought against the Spanish Crown achieving independence from the United Provinces (current Netherlands), who was called by this adjective. But it was not because he was quiet or sad, but because he did not say what he thought.
  2. Paul Cézanne in whose paintings you can guess what was observed in his person: an elusive and introverted man who shut himself up to paint to express the perfection that he could not otherwise express.
  3. Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, British physicist who contributed to the development of quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. He was considered so reserved and quiet that he came to be known as “el dirac” to refer to the minimum unit of words that could be said in conversation.
  4. “The fabulous chronicles of the taciturn mouse”, written by Martín Romero. It is a graphic novel that brings us closer to the figure of the protagonist who finds himself in need of having to face the separation from his parents. And to overcome it, he will go to the town where he will meet a unique neighbor who will allow him to discover new worlds.

Phrases that define a taciturn person

  1. He was staring down the road, raving, taciturn.
  2. He does not want to talk to anyone, he is always sad, taciturn.
  3. Everyone has invited him but he doesn’t want to go out, he’s gone, taciturn.
  4. He is a taciturn person, with few words to express to others. He never looks you in the face or tells you what he feels.
  5. I don’t trust Paolo, he’s a very introverted, taciturn person.
  6. His silence does not convey confidence to me. He is a person who gives a lot to think about.

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