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What is Taboo?

Taboo refers to a term that defines what is considered prohibited or not accepted in society as normal or permitted. In accordance with the norms of a social nature, the various beliefs of a religious nature or simple superstitions, taboos are actions or behaviors of a prohibited nature or simply frowned upon by society.

When a certain attitude, behavior or habit collides with what is commonly accepted or known, or seen as normal according to what is imposed from the dogmatic, political, social or educational point of view, it automatically goes through the prism of censorship and not allowed and of it is immediately vetoed, censored or banned, thus making it taboo.


  • Prohibited conduct
  • Action frowned upon within the social environment
  • Impediment with respect to the issue
  • Prevent from speaking it publicly
  • Negative reaction to public action


This word has its origin in the Polynesian language called “tapu” which means forbidden. In this sense, when people spoke of “tapu”, they were referring to something forbidden, dangerous or supernatural. The action was so dangerous that the mere fact of mentioning it was the cause of a punishment or sanction. It was believed that only those who wielded supernatural powers, or sorcerers, were the only ones capable of mastering the taboo through mana.

Examples of taboo

  1. Cannibalism is a prohibited and banned action in all parts of the world. It is a general taboo.
  2. Eating meat: although it is currently a normal action among human beings, some people do not practice it, such as Buddhists or vegetarians since they consider it an insult to living beings. consumption of meat of animal origin.
  3. Homosexuality : despite being a topic that is spoken openly in the world, many countries still do not accept it and see it as taboo because according to personal or religious beliefs, men are for women and women are for man.
  4. Pedophilia: it is an act rejected worldwide and seen as an abuse or aberration since it is the sexual act with children.
  5. Zoophilia: it is a prohibited and harmful act both for animals and for the people who practice it. It is about the sexual act between people and animals.
  6. In most religions of the world, having sex before marriage is considered a taboo since, according to their beliefs, both men and women should arrive at marriage in integrity and chaste.
  7. Consuming pork or any of its derivatives is completely taboo within Judaism as well as Islam.
  8. Foods prepared from blood: these are foods that are prohibited by some religions such as jehovah’s witnesses, Islam and Judaism.
  9. Consuming dog meat: it is frowned upon by society in general, being considered taboo.
  10. Most of the practices (outside of the medical or scientific) carried out with the bodies of deceased people.
  11. In some communities, body piercing is frowned upon and therefore taboo.
  12. In some cases, within family groups, talking about both political and religious issues , where not everyone agrees, is considered prohibited and therefore taboo.
  13. Having sexual relations with members of one’s own family is considered incest and is therefore prohibited. Formerly the kings and queens within the family, in order to preserve their lineage, practiced these prohibited actions.
  14. Eating cat meat in parts of America and Europe.
  15. Telling people old or old is considered taboo, instead, they are called elderly or elderly.

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