Supply contract examples

Supply contract

It is a private contract where the supplier or supplier undertakes to perform within a certain period of time a certain amount of periodic benefits , whether determinable or indeterminable, in exchange for a certain amount of money as a means of payment, which may well be individually or for each periodic benefit.

Some claim that this type of contract is comparable to a commercial sale contract but without granting it autonomy . It is important to highlight in this sense, that this type of contract is distinguished from one of sale in the following:

    • The sale is an instant contract, while the supply contract is a successive tract.
    • sale does not reflect as an obligation a provision of a certain service. In the supply contract if it is reflected.
    • sales contract can be of a civil or commercial nature, while the supply contract is of a commercial nature.
    • The contract of sale is susceptible to transfer of ownership, while the supply contract may be transfer, of use or enjoyment, or it may even have as its object the provision of a certain personal service.

It is for the above reasons that, despite the fact that many people think that they may be the same contracts, they are in charge of performing or acting in various matters or areas.

Functions of the supply contract

  • Satisfaction of periodic insufficiencies that the client has
  • Eliminate the plurality of contracts
  • Guarantees security to the administrator regarding the need to receive goods
  • It makes it easy for the supplier to calculate as well as to provide the placement of the products
  • The interest is insurable

This type of contract generally has, as its main object , furniture of a generic nature and its quality is normally determined in the contract through the most specific description possible or through a sample.

Supply contract examples


In the city of ____________ on __________ of ____________ of_____________

Gathered on the one hand_____________________person (physical or legal) of legal age, with identification number _________________________ residing at __________________________________ who from now on we will call the supplier and on the other hand the citizen _________________________________________ person (physical or legal) of legal age, with identification number _________________________ with address at __________________________________ who from now on we will call the supplied


Both parties acknowledge sufficient and broad legal capacity to be able to enter into this contract.

That _____________________________________ (the supplier or supplier) is engaged in the manufacture of ________________________________________

The supplier wishes to receive periodic delivery of ________________________________ (specify, object, quality or quantity).



The supplier undertakes to deliver ________________________________________ in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions of this contract. That is, the supplier will deliver to the supplier, the number of pieces that is requested in the conditions that are detailed below ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The object of this contract and the supply will be the products and merchandise detailed in the first clause.


The price of the product will be ___________________________________. This will be done in product units in ______________________ currency. However, the price can be variable in the event of a rise in costs or other materials, but must be notified in advance.

In addition to the prices detailed above, the corresponding taxes will have to be added.

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