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Story Examples

A story is a fictional short story featuring a small group of characters and a simple plot.

An example of a story is the following: It

was a cat who dreamed of
a world of illusion,
with fairies, elves and goblins
in the shape of mice.
Lucky! How exciting!
What a banquet I will give myself.

A fairy that his dream saw,
a lesson to his gluttony
prepared him, and a new scene
in the dream he drew.

In a city full of dogs he placed it.
The poor cat almost died of fright,
but no, he woke up.
Paws shaking,
he approached his feeder.
– With my feed and my water
I am satisfied and I promise that, I will
never ever dream
because no matter how tired I am,
I will not go to bed.

The smiling, satisfied fairy stayed.
Now, calmly, she returned to her world,
along with all the beings
that Mother Nature created.
Fairies, elves, goblins,
unicorns, winged horses,
cats, mice, dogs,
birds, flowers, trees
and everything we want to imagine,
for the world of dreams
with pencil and paper, can realize,
in cheerful poems and stories are they will convert
that everyone will enjoy.

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