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State of Need Examples

A state of necessity is defined as a situation in which a protected legal asset is generally harmed in which a criminal offense is incurred.

The right grants the individual to damage or endanger a legal asset but seeking the objective of saving another of equal or greater legal significance.

10 State of Need Examples

  1. When there is a fire in a house and there are people inside that must be saved, the need that arises is to break the door in order to save them.
  2. The mistreatment of animals or pets will be punished with a sentence of imprisonment for a period of time.
  3. Those people who have committed a crime out of the need to save themselves or to save another person and that is not caused by him voluntarily.
  4. When people to save their lives let others die or remain in danger.
  5. When there is a rational need for defense used by the victim, whether for self-defense.
  6. When there is a burglary and if the subject fundamentally fears for his life and there is no other means of entering the home, the best thing to do is to gain access to avoid damage.
  7. In the state of necessity the individual must have the knowledge of the dangerous situation and the will for grave evil.
  8. The state of need to escape unscathed from any type of situation that arises and where they see that there may be danger.
  9. At the time of presenting a problem with a neighbor and this reaches beyond the normal and may already become threats of danger to your life. The state of need leads the person attacked to seek legal help in order to keep his life calm.

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