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Solidarity refers to a personal value , which identifies human beings, that is, it is one of the most important values ​​since through it you can help other people or provide support or collaboration in times of greater either economic or psychological necessity .

To be supportive is to lend that helping hand to those who need it most without any kind of interest or without the intention of receiving any compensation in exchange for the help provided. In this sense, it constitutes a high degree of detachment from the person who performs it, helping even above their own problems.

That is why, when we speak of solidarity, we refer to an independent, disinterested act and made of good will that is not considered at all as an obligation or mandate. The only real commitment that exists is the moral one by making your resources or time available to help those who really deserve it .

Characteristics of solidarity

To be able to speak of solidarity, a series of characteristics that classify it as such must be immersed in it , such as:

  • Love for others
  • Disinterest.
  • I encourage you to help.
  • It should not be an obligation or mandate.
  • It must be a free and selfless action.
  • Wanting to help others.
  • Provision
  • Compassion for the evil of others.
  • Do a certain job without expecting anything in return.

Solidarity as a value

The solidarity is seen as a value since what prevails it is the provision disinterested of wanting to help others. This help to other people allows to achieve individual and collective improvement in the face of facts or events that endanger a person or group of people, such as war, hunger, earthquakes, diseases, among others.

Solidarity between people helps to cope with adversity, in this sense, it helps others in difficult situations or circumstances, such collaboration allows everyone together to get ahead.

Solidarity phrases

  • “Solidarity is not a superficial feeling, it is the firm and persevering determination to strive for the common good, that is, the good of each and every one so that we are all truly responsible for all” John Paul II.
  • “He who gives great service receives great reward” Elbert Hubbard.
  • “Great opportunities to help others are rare, but small ones surround us every day” Sally Koch.
  • “Carrying out is the work when many share the fatigue” Homer.
  • “You have fewer needs the more others feel” Doris Lessing.
  • “You have to come together, not to be together, but to achieve something together” Juan Donoso Cortés.

Examples of solidarity

  • Help a friend with his homework.
  • Help an elderly person to cross a street or avenue.
  • Caring for a street dog.
  • Donate clothes to a shelter.
  • Giving toys that are no longer used and are in good condition to children in need.
  • Feed people who don’t have it.
  • Offer work to those in need.
  • Help a person who has fallen on the street.
  • Defend a person when they are made fun of because of their skin color or beliefs.
  • Teach a friend a subject that you handle with ease and he cannot.
  • Invest in relief funds for the needy.
  • Volunteer in organizations that help the underprivileged.
  • Share food with those who do not have.
  • Help someone who has been lost to find their home.
  • Find and deliver a lost animal to your family or home without expecting a reward.

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