Solar System Examples

We can define the solar system as a  planetary system where planet earth is located, in addition to other planets that are around the sun. These rotate directly and indirectly on a single star, that is, the  sun. It must be taken into account that this star is the only one that has its own light. The  formation of the solar system dates back 4600 million years,  all this was caused by a molecular cloud, all giving the shape and creation of this system.

It is composed, for example  , of dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, centaurs and cosmic dust , or it has other materials that are considered stellar garbage, but that are also surrounding the solar system.

How is the solar system formed?

    • It is made up of a main star called the sun
    • It is made up of 8 planets and each of them has its respective satellites
    • It has dwarf planets
    • Contains asteroids, meteors, and comets

Examples from the solar system

Planets surrounding the solar system

  1. Mercury:  it is the closest planet to the sun and is the smallest of the inner planets
  2. Venus:  due to its similarity in size, density and mass, it is one of the planets with the greatest similarity to Earth.
  3. Earth: it  is the only habitable planet in the solar system. It has the necessary elements to develop habitability in it.
  4. Mars:  also known as the red planet. It is a planet less dense than the earth so it is presumed that its core is smaller.
  5. Jupiter:  it is a gaseous planet. It is considered one of the largest planets in the solar system and has at least 63 satellites.
  6. Saturn: it  has rings around it that characterize it and it is the second largest in the solar system. It is made up of hydrogen and helium.
  7. Uranus:  it is a gaseous planet. It is made up of methane, ammonia, water, hydrogen, and helium.
  8. Neptune: it  is the smallest of the gaseous planets and has rings around it and has 14 satellites.

Dwarf planets in the solar system

There are 5 dwarf planets, which are arranged between greater to less distance from the sun:

  1. Ceres
  2. Pluto
  3. Huamea
  4. MakeMake
  5. Eris

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