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Computing is a very complex science. There are many elements that have intervened in computing throughout these years, and whose evolution has triggered the creation of all the wonderful equipment that we can use today almost naturally, because they have been present for decades.

Two of those elements are hardware and software , both of which are totally obvious to the user ( the software interface ) and dependent on each other. The hardware has to do with the tangible: the case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and any accessories that we install in the computer, such as routers. On the other hand, the software is what generates instructions to the processor and other components so that different tasks are carried out.

One of the most notable examples of software, with which we interact every time we turn on the computer is the operating system. This is the program that serves as administrator of all the rest of the programs that we have installed and also serves to coordinate our tasks and those of the computer.

So, software is a set of instructions that are written in a programming language that generates code with thousands or millions of lines . Each of these lines is or is part of an instruction.

Examples of Softwares

  • Adobe Illustrator – A software for creating professional drawings and designs.
  • PhotoScape – An image editing program.
  • The system of a washing machine – Every modern appliance has a program with fixed routines that perform the tasks for which they were manufactured.
  • Office Suite – A suite of smaller programs that process words and more.
  • Windows Music Player – A software to play mp3 and other formats.
  • Saint Administrativo – A program for managing the accounting of any company.
  • An alarm system – In order to save the password and the rest of the configuration of that system, a program is needed.
  • A WordPress plugin – Although it depends on a platform like WordPress to function, a plugin is a program that provides a solution to a problem or need.
  • A mobile application – A software designed for a mobile environment.
  • A software in a drone – Like the rest of wireless devices, drones also require software that controls their activities and responds to the user’s command.

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