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What is socialization all about

Socialization or also known as sociabilization , is that mechanism in which the human being learns from the social and cultural environment in which he surrounds himself. All this learning involves a process, in which certain mediators intervene, such as: the family, society and all those media that can exert an influence on the individual.

Types of socialization

Socialization can be divided into two ways of being transmitted: objectively , in which society has a fundamental role, since it is in charge of training and adapting the person under certain social parameters. And the subjective form ; This is nothing more than the reaction or response that the person reflects in their social environment. Among its types are:

  • Primary Socialization

This is located in the childhood stage of the individual , and the role of the family is fundamental because it will be in charge of forging the first social foundations. It is not possible to estimate a time of completion in this type of socialization, since it depends on the individual, and as he or she is climbing their social levels.

  • Secondary Socialization

In this model of socialization, the individual goes beyond his family environment ; it can be said that he begins to explore the different social groups in which he will develop throughout his life. This stage begins even from the initial educational level, as is preschool.

  • Tertiary Socialization

It covers people who have violated the social norms already stipulated. That is, those that have shown dangerous behaviors and represent a risk to society, since they affect the balance that is sought to be maintained with laws and canons.

Social agents

Social agents are all those groups, institutions and organizations that intervene in the socialization process , some have more important approaches than others, but they all seek the same goal. As the individual adapts more and more to the various social environments, it will also mean the presence of new social agents.

It can also be said that everything with which there is a level of interaction and that contributes something to the individual, belongs to a social agent. The most important socialization agents that have been exposed by various sociologists are: family, school, peer relations, and the media.

The human being is social by nature, since it is a remarkable characteristic from birth, and that is why a large part of his experiences depends on the social agents that he meets in his day to day life.

It is important to emphasize the way in which the individual internalizes all that learning that is received from the childhood stage. Since, during the formation of the personality, not only social agents intervene, the way in which the person develops their cognitive and emotional level also goes hand in hand.

Stages of socialization

There are 3 different stages that the individual goes through throughout his existence, which are: the stage of childhood, the stage of childhood and the stage of adolescence . It could be said that each one is a cause-consequence of the other.

During the childhood stage, the baby will show his first behaviors to his caregivers, a language develops between him and the mother. In the childhood stage, it is where the emotional character develops, and the child begins to discover other social environments, different from that of his family. In the last stage, the individual goes through biological, physical, psychological and social changes.

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