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Social Science Examples

The  social sciences are all those branches of science that are totally focused on the activities and behavior of the human being. From the scientific point of view, an analysis and investigation of human groups and the way in which they interact around various tangible or intangible issues and that affects them as a community is made .

One of the primary objectives of this type of science is to determine the social laws that govern the different institutions and organizations made up of a group of people based on both personal and collective behavior.

The social sciences involve the investigation of topics related to reasoning and discussion based on foundations , if we take this into account then we must know that there is still some debate regarding which are those branches of the social sciences and that they can be considered such sciences. which or what characteristics are needed to be considered this way.

The social sciences are classified into three:

  • Social interaction:  they focus on human relationships within communities ,
  • Man’s cognitive system: they  are in charge of analyzing the ways in which people communicate, their learning and training methods, in some countries considered as humanistic sciences, finally there are those of
  • Evolution of societies: they  are responsible for studying behavioral patterns and trends throughout history.

Social Science Examples

  1. Anthropology.
  2. Right.
  3. Economy.
  4. Sociology.
  5. Pedagogy.
  6. Psychology.
  7. Criminology.
  8. Sociology.

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