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SO full form

What does SO mean?

SO full form points to the Station Officer who is in charge of the police station in India. sometimes, it is also known as (SHO) Station House Officer.

SO full form


Other Similar Terms to OTT full form having different meanings:

SO Somalia (Somalia)
SO Significant Other (Worldwide)
SO Southern Company ( United States)
SO Sales Order (Worldwide)
SO Southampton postcode area (United Kingdom)
SO Sulfur monoxide (Worldwide)
SO Shared Object (Worldwide)
SO Superior Oblique (Worldwide)
SO Senior Officer (Worldwide)
SO Somalia (TLD) (Somalia)
SO Security Officer (Worldwide)
SO Salpingo-Oophorectomy (Worldwide)
SO System Operator (Worldwide)
SO Station Officer (Worldwide)

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does S O stand for?

the S O stands for many terms like significant other, Starting Offer, Shipping Order, Security Officer, etc.

What is an SO in business?

SO in business stands for Sold Out.

What is so in law enforcement?

it stands for Staff Officer, Station Officer, etc. in law enforcement.

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