Simple Past Examples

Simple past is defined as the verb tense used in English to talk about situations that happened at a specific time in the past. It does not matter if the time when the events occurred was a few years ago or a few days.

So the simple past indicates an action that has already happened and that has no link with what is being done in the present. That is why the sentences of the past simple must be accompanied by an expression that alludes to said past.

10 Simple Past Examples

  1. I traveled through Spain last year.
  2. She was listening to music when I called her.
  3. The game was a lot of fun.
  4. The children sang at school.
  5. He studied a lot to present that exam.
  6. We went to the river last Saturday.
  7. He was angry and so he yelled.
  8. They were dating for several years.
  9. We live in beautiful times at Christmas.
  10. The children played in the park.

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