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Simple Machine Examples for Children

Simple machines are defined as tools that are made up of one or a few pieces, these types of pieces help to do jobs more easily.

In everyday life, children use various tools that are simple machines with which they can play or perform some activity.

10 Simple Machine Examples for Kids

  1. The slide: this uses the fundamentals of a simple machine since its inclined plane can take advantage of all the energy.
  2. Go up and down: two simple machines are combined in this lever d.
  3. Wheelbarrow: it is used a lot and its weight and its gravity can be used at the same time
  4. As a tool for work at home, but there are wheelbarrows that can be used by the smallest of the house to load their toys.
  5. Scissors: it is a simple machine that children use to carry out their work in the classroom. This tool should always be used under the supervision of an adult.
  6. The bicycle: this with the foundation of the wheels and its axis allows children to move quickly from one place to another.
  7. Wheel: it is a simple machine that children use to play
  8. Tweezers: This is a tool that children use to grasp some objects.
  9. Resortera: this is a simple machine that consists of a base or frame, this can be built with wood or metal, it is joined by a rubber band or elastic tensioners, children use it to throw stones.
  10. The oars: they are tools made of plastic or wood which are used to row, children use it to play in the water and row their boat.
  11. The yoyo: it is a tool that children use to play, it consists of two faces and a wick that passes through the center for it to work, force must be applied in this way, it goes down and up.

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