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What is sensuality about?

Sensuality is a way of acting, a behavior or ability that a person possesses and that leads to a reaction on the part of another activating their senses or feeling attraction for her or for him. In other words, according to the definition of the real Spanish academy, sensuality is the extreme attraction to the pleasures that are perceived through the senses.

This action or way of acting in some people develops naturally attracting many others, in this sense, it can be said that their sexual potential is quite high and their personal magnetism attracts people of the same or opposite sex to them. . This quality can be expressed through clothing, speech, actions performed or by the trust you have with others. Some consider sensuality as the “hook that can catch many prey”.

Characteristics of sensuality

  • It consists of physical and personal approach with the other person.
  • It is not only expressed with speech, it can also be demonstrated through the way of dressing, gestures among others.
  • Seek to attract other people.
  • It is considered as an extension of energy.
  • Through sensuality, romance or eroticism can be conveyed.
  • You can be sensual without being romantic. Both can go together or separately.
  • Activate all the senses.
  • It is related to lust.
  • The greatest sensation occurs through sensory emotions.
  • Desire and pleasure are pillars of sensuality.

How sensuality is expressed in men and women


  • through chivalry.
  • The elegance.
  • Dressing well.
  • Walk physically impeccable.
  • Smell good.
  • Be scented.
  • Speak well.


  • Through body language.
  • Dress well.
  • Be arranged.
  • Smell good.

It is important to note that sensuality is not necessarily related to sexuality or the sexual act, that is, you can be sensual but not get to the sexual act itself. However, in many cases, sensuality is used in order to persuade another person to feel physical desire or physical attraction for her, thus leading to the consummation of the sexual act.

Sensuality is called the action that allows to stimulate sexual desire in another person associating it with the personality as well as the physical appearance, that is why sensuality is directly related as a stimulus or activation of all the physical senses.

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