What is being a sensei?

Sensei is a term of Japanese origin and this is the name of a person who considers himself a teacher. It is a form of respectful and honorable treatment of someone who is considered a professional in their area. The translation of this term refers to “one who was born before.”

It is important to note that this term is not only used for the superior or master in martial arts , it is an expression that can be handled in any area or workplace, professional or personal since its meaning refers to someone who has been born before so his years of life make him more experienced or wise.

In this same vein, it should be noted that this term, according to the definition described above, is used for multiple purposes within the Japanese nation , outside of it, it is a term that is only used to name the instructor or teacher of In martial arts, in this sense, students must make signs of reverence in front of the sensei.

Difference between sensei and senpai

  • A sensei refers to a teacher or experienced within a certain area or profession, he is known as a wise and studied person.
  • A senpai is a person who is older, therefore more experienced and knowledgeable within an organization, being seen as a leader within it.

It should be noted that despite being almost minimal differences, we can note the basic principle that identifies both and is the fact of teaching and supporting other people who are starting in order that they can function in a better way.

We must point out the importance of the meaning of this term, since it does not only refer to those who are older or only to older people, this term applies to those who have grown first in wisdom and knowledge . In some cases, an allusion is made to someone who has traveled the path of wisdom and knowledge before, which deserves respect.

Examples of sensei

  1. Lawyers with more than 20 years of experience.
  2. Experienced architects.
  3. Professional scholars dedicated to research.
  4. Teachers and professors.
  5. Masters of martial arts such as karate, judo, jujitsu, among others.

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