Scientific poster examples

Scientific poster

Also known as an academic poster , it is a summary that is produced as a result of a communication or presentation made at a congress and whose origin is professional or scientific. The purpose of a scientific or academic poster is to summarize in an accessible, conceptual and physical way the results and processes of an investigation .

The scientific poster turns out to be more graphic, that is, it has the visual logic as its logic, thus emphasizing the essential and main points of the work that the conference wishes to demonstrate or exhibit.

Characteristics of a poster

A poster, in order to be called scientific or academic, must have a series of essential characteristics or qualities that define it as such, which we will mention below.

  • It must have a main author: this author is in charge of the presentation. You can speak on your own behalf or on behalf of a group in charge of the investigation.
  • The main author or the research group are responsible for both the design and the content of the poster.
  • The content is the most important thing in a poster, however, it should not be too explicit. The essential thing is what should be plasmas.
  • It must be eye-catching or attractive to the people participating in the congress.
  • The size of the poster depends on the space, room, exhibitors, among others.
  • It must have a standard size determined by the conference organizers.
  • The typeface to be used must be simple, pleasant and easy for the reader to understand.
  • The relationship typography, content , images must be coherent and maintain an adequate proportion.
  • The support on which the poster is made must be decided in the same way by the organization of the congress.
  • The format on which it is made can be printed and digital.

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