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Satisfaction Survey Examples

A satisfaction survey is defined as the tool used to collect all the necessary information from customers in all aspects such as their opinions, qualitative, quantitative and their shopping experience, their impressions and the value of the products.

It is important to take into account the steps that are needed to prepare a satisfaction survey : you must define the objective, the measurement scale, the number and type of questions, carry out the tests, collect the answers, analyze the results that are implemented. the actions.

15 Examples of Satisfaction Survey

  1. Good afternoon or days depending on the time. Do you like the way you have been treated and the way our agent treats you?
  2. Don’t worry, the problem or concern has already been resolved professionally by the customer service department.
  3. Did the customer service representative offer you a good solution / was his response what you expected?
  4. Who cared for you today?
  5. Has our representative been clear in communicating with you?
  6. Do you think our representative knows enough to help you solve your problem?
  7. Do you consider that our staff has the capacity to give you any type of information?
  8. Are you happy with our services?
  9. Do you feel like a valuable customer for our business?
  10. How did you find out about our company?
  11. How long have you been using the products / services of our company?
  12. How often do you use our company’s products?
  13. Do you think that any aspect of our company should be improved?
  14. Does the quality of our products have satisfied your needs?
  15. If you have a complaint, can you please direct it to the appropriate department?
  16. Is your opinion important to improve the quality of our products?
  17. If you receive our products on time / do you think we should improve?

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