Sample Service Contract

A service contract or service provision contract is a document signed by two parties, it expresses the bilateral obligations (between the service provider and the client) that must meet the objective of satisfying the parties.

In this type of contract, a person agrees to provide a service to another (or to a company). There you will set the conditions and any other factor that directly affects your performance and / or the result of your work.

The service providers that normally deliver this type of contract are doctors, lawyers, builders, artists, programmers, among others. What you want is to establish from the beginning the scope and limitations of the work, as well as the price, payment conditions and everything that has to do with the payment of fees.

Service contract example

Among the undersigned, GUSTAVO PÁEZ, of legal age, identified with citizenship card No. XX XXX XXX issued in LIMA, acting on behalf of and representing the company FUTUREL SAS with NIT XXXXXXXXX, who will hereinafter be called THE CONTRACTOR, on the one hand , and on the other, MIGUEL CONTRERAS, of legal age, identified with citizenship card No. XXXXXXXXX issued in Pitalito – Huila, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, acting on his own behalf and who for the purposes of this Contract will be called THE CONTRACTOR, agree to enter into this contract for the provision of business accounting services, which will be governed by the following clauses:

FIRST. – OBJECT: THE CONTRACTOR, in its capacity as executor, undertakes with the CONTRACTOR to carry out all the tasks inherent to the nature of the accounting of the company FUTUTEL SAS

SECOND. – VALUE: The value of this contract will be 1,500,000 pesos per month payable on the first business day of each month.

THIRD. – PLACE OF WORK: The contractor is obliged to the contractor to carry out the tasks of this contract, in the place of domicile of the contractor.

QUARTER. – WORKING HOURS: The hours will be the one that the needs resulting from the nature of the accounting and from this contract so require.

FIFTH. – DURATION: This contract is valid for 24 months and will be in force from the date it is signed.

In accordance with the foregoing, the parties sign this document in two copies of the same tenor, on the second (2) day of March, two thousand and sixteen (2018).






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