Sample sentences with the words had and tube

One of the most frequent spelling mistakes is to write the word had when in reality it should be written tube and vice versa. This frequent error is due to the fact that the Spanish language has what have been called homophone words. This is: words that are phonetically identical but whose meaning is very different. Also, in this case, both words have a spelling difference: one is written with ” b ” while the other is written with ” v “.

Tube use

Tube is a noun and means a hollow metal, plastic or glass cylinder through which different substances pass. For example gas or liquids. It is important to remember that the noun tube is always written with “b” but the word had is also more frequent (with “v” which is explained later). For example: we had to call the plumber to replace the old pipe in the bathroom plumbing.

Use of had

Had is always a verb (verb to have ) that is conjugated in the third person singular (he / she had to go to buy medicines this morning) of the past perfect in the indicative mood. This verb is used to indicate some duty, possession, experience, obligation, etc. and is much more used than the noun tube . For instance; she was scared before getting on the bus.

30 Sample sentences with the words “had” and “tube”

15 examples of sentences with the word “had”

  1. Carlos had a decompensation and had to be hospitalized this morning.
  2. She had to face all raising her daughter alone.
  3. “He had a cardiorespiratory arrest,” the doctors said today.
  4. She had a parallel relationship with Daniel while she was dating Gastón.
  5. The actress had to apologize for what she had said in public.
  6. The teacher was considerate in taking the test with those children who had been ill.
  7. My father had three days of travel but today he has already returned.
  8. Antonella, my neighbor, had a very uneventful delivery this morning at the clinic.
  9. My older brother, Ramiro, had a headache all day.
  10. The doctor said that she had a nervous breakdown but will recover soon.
  11. My grandmother had 6 children in her entire life.
  12. Marta had to go to the doctor this afternoon.
  13. Federico had to buy clothes to go to the party in the only store that was open at that time.
  14. Don’t feel bad, no one was to blame for what happened.
  15. Camila had a job interview this morning.

15 examples of sentences with the word “tube”

  1. That tube is over 40 years old. That is why it has a lot of leaks and it needs to be replaced.
  2. The plastic tube meter is cheaper than the metal tube meter .
  3. The kitchen pipe is broken.
  4. The material for the tube of PVC is the most expensive of all.
  5. My dad fixes and changes tubes . He is a plumber / plumber.
  6. We will go this afternoon to buy the pipes for the house under construction.
  7. In the laboratory there were many test tubes . These contained green bacteria.
  8. The painter had a suitcase filled with tubes of paint.
  9. The teacher asked that we bring 2 test tubes for the next class .
  10. The tube has broken and so we must change it soon.
  11. In the street a pipe containing water from the drain has been broken . For this reason, they have cut off traffic for cars on the entire block.
  12. The vehicle was leaking polluting gases from the exhaust pipe .
  13. The painting teacher asked us to bring for Tuesday: a red tempera tube , another green and another yellow.
  14. The price of changing the gas pipe in the house was high but my parents knew they had no choice and they had to change it.
  15. Marianela slid her arm across the table and broke the test tube of my science experiment.

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