Sample dismissal letter template

This is a document where a company will have the obligation to notify the worker / employee of their imminent dismissal, this must be shown with very clear and objective causes.

When dismissed in a justified manner, it is because the causes of the causes objectively exposed are expressed within the same labor laws, which the worker / employee has breached.

Sample dismissal letter template

Av. Colonial 273, North
Fluvial area , Guadalajara, Jal, Mex.

Luis Daniel Covarrubias.
Title: Delivery

Guadalajara, Jalisco, May 11, 2015.

Respectable Mr. Covarrubias:

The management of this company for reasons beyond your control, has had to make this unfortunate decision to inform you that as of next May 20 you will be DISMISSED.

Much to our regret, we have made this decision due to the economic pressure, caused by the high prices and the high degree of competition that our product has presented. Due to circumstances that are difficult to solve, we have to cut staff, reducing the labor field by a quarter of what we previously worked.

You will be given all the benefits and positions corresponding to your salary, as well as an extra bonus for your good performance, as well as letters of recommendation that will serve as a driver to work in other companies that require work as painstaking as yours.

Your worker rights and benefits will remain intact as far as it corresponds to us to do so.

You can pick up your settlement at the payroll office and we appreciate your great collaboration in our company.



Director / Manager Name

Managing Director.

What is a dismissal letter?

It is a contract in which the employment relationship that links the worker / employee with any company in which he is working is terminated.

Although it is true that this decision can be given verbally, a letter like the one already exposed above can also be made, since this is what is legally required to be done in a formal way, this is known as a Letter of Depsido.

  • The causes can be diverse, such as:
  • The ineffectiveness of the worker
  • A very bad adaptation on the part of the worker to the modifications that appear in the company.
  • The lack of professionalism to attend work in a timely manner.
  • Indiscipline, serious non-compliance, verbal or physical offenses, among others.

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