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What is sadness?

Sadness is a state of mind that arises as a result of an unfavorable event that tends to show itself with signs such as crying, melancholy, pessimism, low self-esteem, lack of courage, among other states of dissatisfaction.

It is a common feeling that can arise in different degrees of intensity , part of the temporary sadness that ends when the cause that produced it disappears for a few minutes or hours, the deep sadness that persists for a certain amount of time, can be taken as a sign of a deeper problem such as depression, in this case the help of a professional is necessary.

There are various reasons that trigger feelings of sadness such as a love disappointment, death of a friend, family member or pet, loss of a job, personal dissatisfaction and other situations that are classified as something negative on the part of the person. In this order of ideas, sadness presumes a fixation of sad and pessimistic thoughts, a feeling of inferiority with respect to others, lack of interest in domestic, work and affective work.

The word sadness is synonymous with melancholy, pessimism, grief, dejection, nostalgia , etc. On the other hand, the opposite of sadness is joy, this being a state of mind produced by events that generate a good mood, smiles, etc. On the other hand, sadness refers to the critics’ illness that is produced by a virus and is transferred by means of some hemiptera insects, from the aphids and grafts family.

Sadness in the area of ​​psychology

It is a harmful feeling that arises as a response to unpleasant events that generate melancholy and feelings. However, experts consider that sadness is the psychological process that allows us to overcome losses, disappointments or failures.

After having overcome it, the person adjusts his life in the new change that he has just suffered, due to a painful event, therefore he begins to accept the reality that causes damage and suffering.

It is very important to accept sadness , seek and carry out solutions to situations that generate sadness, it is also essential to seek comfort in other people who have the possibility to understand and help, as well as to carry out activities that allow balancing the emotional system.

A related example would be the relationship between sadness and loneliness, if the person has the need to coexist with his neighbor, then he must find a way to relate and establish a group of friends that feels accepted and loved by him.

Sadness and depression

It is necessary to highlight, first of all, that the two terms have different meanings and therefore treated from different points of view, although they can be related in some characteristics. Depression is a purely psychological disease of a neurochemical nature that is generated because the person is in a state of deep anguish and sadness.

The person suffering from depression has a deteriorated neurological and nervous system, thus preventing the possibility of facing everyday situations that can be easily overcome by anyone.

For its part, sadness is linked to an event that affects the individual , so it usually fades at the end of it. Although, it is extremely important to take into account that sadness can transform into depression, so it is necessary to consider the time that the individual has suffered from said feeling.

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