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Timeline and meaning of the flag of Russia

Like every country, Russia has its respective flag that represents it. The flag of Russia is made up of three stripes of the same size; These are arranged horizontally in a 2: 3 ratio. The colors that make up the Russian flag are white (located in the upper part), blue (the central stripe) and red (located in the lower stripe).

Timeline of the flags of Russia

The flag that currently represents the Russian Federation has been used since the times of the Russian Empire. Despite this, the flag was modified on multiple occasions. The first of them was in 1856; For a period of approximately 62 years, the flag of Russia was white, black and yellow.

Later, in 1896 the flag of the Russian Empire was retaken with the colors white, blue and red. For the year 1918, when Russia became the Socialist Federal Republic Soviet Russia (whose initials are RSFS), the flag became one color: red. From then until 1954, the flag remained red with some inscriptions in yellow that varied in design.

The last flag of the RSFS had a ratio of 1: 2, it had a vertical blue stripe on the left side, while the entire flag kept its red color. Instead of the inscription on the previous flags, this one had the communist symbol .

Finally, in 1991, the flag returned to its original colors (white, blue and red), with the difference that the blue was a little lighter; its ratio remained 1: 2 until 1993, when the flag that represents the country today was made official.

Meaning and symbolism of the Russian flag

As for the meaning and symbolism of the Russian flag , it is not very clear what they are, since there are several theories about it. On the one hand, it is said that, for the time of the Russian Empire, the white of the flag symbolized freedom and independence, while the blue represents the mother of God and the red the sovereignty of the nation.

On the other hand, it is also said that the color white really is a symbol of peace, purity and perfection. As for the blue color, this would come to represent faith and fidelity ; Lastly, red would symbolize the blood shed by those who fought for Russia, as well as power and energy.

Another explanation of the symbolism of the Russian flag states that it would be related to the way the universe is composed . On the one hand, white would represent the divine, which would be above the heavens, that is, blue; and this on the material world, which would be represented by the color red.

Finally, there are those who point out that the colors of the Russian flag represent Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, which were three of the main nations that made up the Soviet Union.

Examples of flags of Russia

  • Flag of the President of Russia.
  • The unofficial flag of the Russian Empire for ‘private uses’.
  • The flag of the Pavilion of the Navy, used in 1712 – 1917 – 1991. This flag has the cross of San Andrés on a white background.
  • The flag of the Bow Flag of the Navy of the Russian Federation. This one also bears the cross of San Andrés, but in this case, it is on a white cross and a red background.

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