Rotating Shift Examples

Rotating shifts are defined as working hours where work is done 24 hours a day or in factories that have a rotating production system.

The rotating shifts can occur in two shifts one in the morning and afternoon, can also be three shifts morning, afternoon and evening or shifts in reverse where some workers work morning, noon and night and others in the night, morning and afternoon.

10 Examples of Rotating Shifts

  1. Shift rotations by days.
  2. Weekly shifts.
  3. Shifts 24 hours, morning, afternoon and night.
  4. Rotating shifts including hours of rest days.
  5. Rotating shifts work 8 continuous days and rest for two weeks.
  6. Shifts 24 × 7.
  7. Morning shifts.
  8. Night shifts.
  9. Shifts on weekends.
  10. Monthly shifts.

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