Reflection examples

Reflection is an act in which certain facts , actions or ideas are put into analysis and consideration Based on this analysis, the individual can draw his own conclusions and correct his actions accordingly.

In this sense, reflection can only occur in human beings and is closely related to the ability to reason; it influences internally and at the same time allows to interact with external elements in a more morally correct way. All this series of actions have a specific purpose, which is to develop a deeper knowledge of things, to have a broad perspective on different situations.

On the other hand, from the point of view of physics , reflection as a phenomenon that is generated when light hits a surface, there are three factors such as incident, reflected and normal rays, which coincide in a plane. and then the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

There is also the reflection of waves that occurs when waves impact a surface, sound waves can also be reflected, in the field of computer science it is used when a programming language can not only be developed but also visualize changes and advances in real time that are achieved as a program or Software is built .

Reflection examples

  1. The student reflects on the fight he had with his partner.
  2. The light that passes through a fish tank, the ray of light that comes out seems to have another path due to reflection.
  3. If you dip a spoon into a glass of water, it looks like it’s bent.
  4. The waves that are produced in the water when a stone or other object falls, when these waves expand and collide with other objects, the reaction occurs in reverse.
  5. The image that is reflected in the mirrors is caused by the reflection of light.
  6. The light that is projected through the water of a swimming pool. If we light a flashlight and project it in the direction of the water, it will expand under the water but it will not be reflected.
  7. When light is projected onto a mirror, it is reflected off the surface of the mirror.
  8. The sunlight that reflects off the water on the beach makes us feel it on our face.
  9. Our vision is the product of the reflection of objects
  10. When we see ourselves on a clean surface it is also considered a reflection

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