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What redemption is all about

Redemption is a word with a Latin root and its writing for the time was expressed redemptio . It refers to the action and subsequent consequence of redeeming, that is, saving someone from a punishment , elevating that person, ending a punishment as a result of an action.

From another point of view, the redemption refers to the release of mortgaged titles or goods or, failing that, to make the purchase of goods that had been sold. From the point of view of Christianity, redemption refers to the action of Christ, through his doctrine, his crucifixion and subsequent death, who managed to redeem all of humanity from their sins.

Examples of redemption

  • Religious term

From a religious point of view, redemption is a terminology expressed from a Christian point of view , as the work that Jesus Christ did for humanity by coming to earth and being crucified for the sins of the world. In this sense, the various Christian religions assure that the work of Jesus Christ opened the doors of heaven that had been closed as a result of the disobedience of the first parents, Adam and Eve. See also Stations of the Cross

In this sense, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross , is considered the redeemer of men. Redemption, understood in this way, is the forgiveness of sins, and implies reconciliation with God for those who achieve eternal life. The Bible says about it: “[In Christ] we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our sins” (Ephesians I: 7).

  • Liability redemption

In Mexico it is known as redemption of liabilities, that request that is made to the housing fund (Housing Fund of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers) with the main purpose of liquidating the debt that has been acquired through a bank in order to get or acquire a home or real estate. See also Financial Plan .

In this sense, it is a credit that is requested to be able to cancel the credit that is had with the bank in order to be able in this way, to pay the debt acquired with a new entity but with a lower interest rate.

  • Redemption of penalty

In some laws of some countries, this redemption of sentence is also known as sentence reduction, which is nothing more than the minimization of the years in prison that were given to a person for their good behavior within the penitentiary detention center. This type of redemption can be achieved through good actions, social and community services, good performance in sports and artistic activities, among others.

  • Financial redemption

From the point of view of finances , to speak of redemption is to refer to the settlement of an acquired debt. In this sense, it can also include the full payment of a mortgage, the rescue of an asset that had been previously pawned, the purchase of an asset that had been previously sold, among many other things that can be applied from the point of financial view.

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