Radio script examples

A radio or radio script as it is also known is a tool used to carry out the planning of a radio program , where a record of all the audio to be used, such as sound effects, is specified above all.

A radio announcer develops his space based on these guidelines already provided in the script, such as the topics to be touched, comments and the times that it should take for each of these points, in this type of script there is also what is called a curtain at the beginning and at the end.

As it is a means of communication , the announcer must have advanced reading comprehension, good diction and fluent speech , this is how radio programs are carried out.

Previously there is a whole planning work , it is necessary to take into account that the level of detail that the script has is always very deep.

In some cases it may take less time to develop these scripts, such as in the case of those radio programs that are based more than anything on the improvisation of the announcers and the people who participate, for example making calls, in this case the schemes are more open and general.

Depending on the information , radial dashes can be classified into the following types:

  • Literary script
  • Technical script
  • Technical-literary script

According to the possibility of making changes are:

  • Open script
  • Closed script

According to the form :

  • American script
  • European script.

Radio script examples

Script 1

«Community Radio 99.4 FM

Fade in – Curtain (1 min.)

RODRIGO GARCÍA: Hello, how are you, a very good day. This is the morning newscast of Radio Comunitaria 99.4 broadcasting from Mexico City. Rodrigo García greets you.

CARMEN SÁNCHEZ: Good morning. Today is Wednesday April 17, 2013. Welcome to the news, Carmen Sánchez greets you. We begin.

Curtain (30 sec.)

CARMEN SÁNCHEZ: We begin with the news that has attracted attention in recent days. The United States government has reported that it has identified a suspected suspect in the terrorist attacks perpetrated last Monday during the Boston marathon. The president of that nation, Barack Obama, announced that the FBI will continue with the investigations and that in the next few days the person who probably had some participation in these acts could be arrested.

RODRIGO GARCÍA: In more international news, the elected president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro announced that he will not give in to the opposition protests, which caused the death of seven people. Currently, the South American country is going through a serious political crisis as a result of the tight elections that gave Maduro the winner, with a narrow margin of difference.

Cut music / Voice over (30 sec.)

commercial break

CARMEN SÁNCHEZ: We are going to a commercial cut. What you hear now is the new album by British band Depeche Mode entitled Delta Machine. Continue with us. In a moment we return.


Script 2

«Loc1:  Hello! Hello! Welcome to a new program.

Loc1:  Today we have a special theme for those listeners who love eighties music… Throughout the program you can send us your recommendations by messages and we will be reproducing them.

Loc1: So we started with text messaging right away. I take this opportunity to send greetings to all my friends who are in tune. »

Script 3

«Loc1:  Hello! Welcome to a new program. Jorge Ángeles greets you from the 97.4 FM booth, accompanying you during this hour.

Loc1:  We start with regional information.

Loc1: We  continue with more data of social interest, but this time with national news.

Loc1: Already in the last block of the program, going around the world, we go with the most relevant international events. »

Script 4

«Loc1:  Hello! Welcome to a new program. We start with a musical theme and come back.

Loc1:  Today we have information and the best current music for all listeners. Throughout the program you can send us your song recommendations and we will be playing them.

Loc1: We continue with the second theme song…. »

Script 5

«STUDIO: Music comes in for 3 seconds.-Immediately, the volume is lowered and kept in the background. Announcers enter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good morning radio viewers! We are very happy to re-broadcast on this day the radio program in which we boys and girls have a space in the media.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yes it is, and we hope you are having a great time this Friday, October 3, World Day for the No Abuse of Animals!

ANNOUNCER 1: Well and bluntly, today’s topic is as follows!

STUDIO: Entrance music 5 seconds

ANNOUNCER2: As always when checking the blog on the radio website , we gave in to a question from one of the spectators who wrote us How to be smarter? … »

Script 6

Intro: Welcome everyone to our program today, welcoming as always our beloved announcer, Antonio Fontalba.

  • Announcer: good afternoon, everyone is welcome. Today we will be bringing home the best music that is in the top 100 in the world.
  • Interlude music
  • Announcer: do not leave our tune, soon we will continue with more.

Script 7

Announcer: good morning, everyone and everyone welcome to our wonderful program. Today we will be talking about adolescence. Our teenagers suffer? this and more we are talking this afternoon.

We are going with a musical theme and we are already back.

Medium: musical theme.

Announcer: Well, as we have been telling you, today we are going to talk about teenagers. With us is a therapist, specialists in adolescent issues, Maria Gimer. Hello Maria.

Interviewee: good morning to all our audience and today we will talk about a quite important topic such as adolescents. The importance of communication with them and respect for personal space.

Announcer: you already know, do not stray from our tune that in minutes we will return with more.

Script 8

Loc1: Hello! everyone welcome to our program.

Loc1: Today we have a special theme for those listeners who love classical music… Throughout the program you can send us your recommendations and memories or suggestions and we will be reproducing them.

Loc1: So we start right now by reading your opinions. I take this opportunity to send greetings to all those who are in these moments from their homes, office or business and who are in tune.

Script 9

Announcer: Welcome to our program. Jose Ánges greets you, from the 102.3FM booth, during this hour.

Announcer: We started with sports information.

Announcer: We continue with more data of common interest, but this time with regional news.

Announcer: Already in the last block of the program, going around the world, we go with the most relevant international events.

Script 10

Announcer: good evening to all of you who tune in at this time. Today will be a very special presentation since we will have a luxury guest. We go with music and we are back.

Musical interlude.

Announcer: and well as I said in the previous cut, today we have a special guest, brought directly from Spain, it is Joaquin Bastero. Specialist in procedural economics and minor crimes. He will share with us the latest in economics and how the world is being managed today. Do not withdraw, we come with more.

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