Quality Policy Examples

A quality policy is a set of statutes that establish the characteristics that a product or service must have to be considered within the quality standards in a specific area or market.

This document is drawn up by the production company itself to set certain standards that will lead to satisfied consumers with their products or services.

It is aimed at the personnel in charge of producing, in order to guide them in what they must do to achieve the objective of generating reliable, optimal products and any other characteristic that makes them “of quality”.

With quality policies, companies have an endorsement about what they are producing is designed to meet the needs of the public in the best possible way, and that it is not among their objectives to scam or mislead their services or articles.

Quality policy examples

  • Example 1:

In order to fulfill its missions, the HEdS has been endowed with a quality policy adapted to all the activities of the Haute École and based on the following principles:

  • Adaptation of different training proposals according to the current and future needs of the community, institutions and partners in the field;
  • Encouragement to applied research and development activities in cooperation with scientific and professional circles in Switzerland and abroad;
  • Adequacy of benefits and mandates according to the needs of the beneficiaries;
  • Efficiency of the management of the resources made available;
  • Adequacy of the competences of the collaborators and collaborators of the accomplishment of the missions.

The objectives of the quality policy are evaluated by the management through statistical indicators, surveys carried out with clients and partners, and evaluations of processes and sub-processes.

The management of the HEdS guarantees the adequacy of the quality policy with the defined objectives and the evolution of the quality indicators.

  • Another example:

Our cultural goal is to ensure that each employee performs their activities correctly from the first time; Thus:

  • The main objective is to satisfy 100% the expectations that the client has of our product.
  • The customer is the one who defines the quality requirements for their specific use. Together we agree on measurable specifications for our products to meet your needs.
  • All of our raw materials are measured under established quality standards and each supplier must meet quality standards.
  • Relationships with our clients and suppliers are characterized by cooperation and open communication, we are committed to responding enthusiastically and professionally to any need expressed by them.

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