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Qualitative Research Examples

It is the research base generally used in the social sciences . It is a type of investigation of semiotic – linguistic origin. To refer to qualitative research is to speak of the opposite of quantitative, since it is based on surveys and experiments.

A qualitative research is based on the analytical study of a certain point of view, for this it is based on open interviews and observations . After collecting the supplied data, it is interpreted and analyzed in order to give a determined result.

Study through statistical methods and assigning numerical values to opinions and points of view, in order to evaluate the variables and possible results. A scientific investigation is not based on previous hypotheses ; its orientation develops throughout the investigation.

Qualitative research types

  • projective techniques
  • applied ethnographic research in education
  • participatory research
  • investigation action
  • ethnography

Examples of qualitative research

  1. Study of the essence of the performance.
  2. Valuation of cultural groups.
  3. Analysis of religious beliefs.
  4. Issues of social change and improvements
  5. Experimentation through stages and processes.
  6. Verbal interaction and dialogue.
  7. Historical evolution of society.

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