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Promotional Advertising Examples

It is a specific combination of advertising , personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tools that the company uses to achieve its objectives.

For a good promotional publicity , there are certain very important decisions:

1.- Establish objectives: based on the target market, the positioning and the marketing mix, it must be achieved during a certain period. Advertising objectives can be informative, persuasive, reminder.
Informational: used when a new product category is introduced, to create a primary demand.
Persuasive: It is more important for mature products, so that they keep thinking about the product.

2.- Determine the budget: it is very difficult to know how much to invest in advertising , this will depend on the objectives of the company, its size and especially its economic capital. In a recent study it was found that advertising is more effective in loyal customers than in attracting new customers to the product, so above all the most important thing is to create selective campaigns to make good use of the budget.

3.- Advertising strategy: consists of the creation of advertising messages for advertisements, commercials, slogans, etc. These must be creative as the campaign will only be successful if it manages to attract the consumer’s attention and they communicate the message well. In addition, they must be designed according to the medium in which they will be exposed, since before the message was created first and then the medium, but this does not currently work due to the amount of media and the increasing costs of them. Now the appropriate message is designed for the medium in which it will be exposed so that the strategies are focused on the target market and thus send the message on the right path.

Promotional advertising is any advertisingpaid for by a seller who claims to inform, convince and remind consumers of a product or organization.

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