Press Release Examples

A press release is a journalistic-style advertisement that encompasses information of general interest. This type of news is generally used in the field of public relations, either by governments, companies, artists, public institutions.

5 Examples of Press Release

  1. Caracas, Venezuela 11-12-2018

Suspension of electricity service in 5 Municipalities of Caracas

The Electricity Administration service in the city announces the suspension of electricity service during November 13, 14, 15 and 16 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., due to the replacement of electricity poles in the main avenues of the city.

The municipalities affected within this rationing plan are: Libertador, Baruta, Chacao, El Hatillo and Sucre. Therefore, the general population is recommended to take permanent provisions before the announced suspension of electric service.

The company of the Light Administration Service extends its apologies for the inconvenience caused, reminding them that the works are in favor of the operation of basic services in the state.

  1. Lima, Peru 02-02-2016

Food Healthy opens its new headquarters in Lima

In order to promote new cultural exchanges based on healthy but delicious food, Food Healthy opens its doors in Lima, Peru. After eight years in the commercial market, the company has decided to start new branches in the country, which will allow you to have one of them closer to you.

The inauguration of this new headquarters will take place on Friday, February 4, at Calle Los Olivos Carrera 2, Taho building where from that moment on, the entire city will be filled with flavor and good habits.

On the day of the official launch there will be surprises for everyone, including a 2 × 1 in all products, there will even be games and surprises for the little ones who must be taught to eat healthy foods from children. So, have you ever imagined eating healthy and winning fabulous prizes at the same time? That will only be possible at Food Healthy.

  1. Cuenca, Ecuador 04-13-2017

Coca Cola Ecuador announces the cessation of operations in Cuenca

Forced by the delay in connecting the water treatment plants for our products, Coca Cola Ecuador announces the permanent and labor stoppage of its activities in Cuenca. Informing that the last dispatch of the soft drinks manufactured in this city will be until April 26 of this year.

The company stressed that it has been forced to change work plans after 20 years of production in this territory and that it has kept in contact with nearby companies, such as unions, to reach a definitive consensus.

Since January 15, there have been problems with the union of the plant located in the Andean region, which has subjected to a stoppage of work and the production of products. However, the Director of Coca Cola Ecuador has already signed the agreement that makes them responsible for the more than 500 parents who work in the entity.

  1. Mexico City, 23 – 01 – 2018

Suspension of classes due to weather conditions

The Mexican Ministry of Education informs that in relation to the recent frosts and hurricane force winds, classes are suspended in all regions and provinces of the country at all academic levels.

The Ministry of Public and Private Education has made the decision to suspend classes in all educational centers in the country for a period of three weeks from the 24th of this month until further notice, so students and teachers should not appear in educational facilities.

Only until weather conditions allow normal development of school activities will they return to the classrooms.

  1. Panama, 01-31-2018

Banco Plaza announces suspension of new movable loans

The director of Banco Plaza Panamá, José López indicated the temporary suspension of the movable loans as well as announced that the conditions for the suspension of the loan guarantees for small and medium-sized companies be evaluated.

The suspension is generated due to the high interests that the bank manages with respect to the Inter-American Development Bank and the annual percentage that it must pay to the government of Panama to continue with its operations in the country. He also announced that people who have a loan from the Bank will keep their benefits but without the possibility of increasing it.

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