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Presentation Examples

Presentation is defined as the process by means of which the content of a topic will be exposed to an audience or audience in an office, room or any other place that is chosen.

Currently the presentations are made through technological advances such as OpenOffice, Impress among others. The presentation is used as a tool to offer or show any type of information and the results that have been obtained from an investigation.

5 Presentation Examples

  1. Making the audience laugh is important in a presentation, not everything can be monotony, it is also necessary to break the ice so that there more participation.
  2. Combining the background colors this technique plays an important role since you can put a different color for each title of the slides and for the main slide put a white background. This will help the audience to keep track of the topic.
  3. The titles of the slides should choose a letter design that is not so common so that it catches the attention of the public.
  4. To end the routine mold, you should not always go to the same thing, it is best to show new designs in this way your presentation will have another degree of attention.
  5. Do not reload the graphics slides, it is best to do one per slide. It is also important to keep in mind when making a presentation that you must put the most relevant information on the topic since slides with a lot of content bore the audience.
  6. Look for light and not boring information, creative ideas attract more attention and are easy to get into a good topic of mutual participation.
  7. Conversation with the audience is an excellent technique to encourage the audience to participate spontaneously. On the slides you can tell a simple story and then ask questions about the topic.

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